Enable them to become technologically literate citizens.

As a large number of CPS students are graduating and heading to college, CAFÉCS looks forward to expanding our work to support computing pathways in high school and beyond, which will allow us to continue to reduce education and equity barriers in computer science at the college level. 

With initial funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Chicago Alliance for Equity in Computer Science (CAFÉCS) was formalized  to support the district with teacher professional learning while at the same time contributing to educational theory. To this day, CAFÉCS has been awarded numerous grants that have allowed us to continue to emphasize quality computer science education and equity for all students in Chicago Public Schools (CPS).

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CSP Access for All

he project will engage in hypothesis-driven research to identify factors that predict, facilitate or hinder implementation of AP CSP in neighborhood schools and create a framework of strategies to support the district-wide effort to expand AP CSP.

Oct 2022

CS4ALL Pathways

The project aims to understand the characteristics of ECS implementation that enable high schools to successfully introduce early college credit opportunities.

Oct 2021

Exploring Connections

This grant focuses on supporting ECS and AP CSP teachers in learning about their students' identities and using that knowledge to adapt their instruction to meet the needs of their students.

Nov 2020


The Learning Partnership, in collaboration with the Chicago Public Schools (CPS), and Education Development Center (EDC), will conduct research and develop teacher support programs.


Jul 2020

Hybrid ECS for Credit Recovery

The Learning Partnership in collaboration with Education Development Center (EDC), the Chicago Public School District (CPS) and the Chicago Alliance for Equity in Computer Science (CAFECS), proposes to address a significant and urgent need for ECS


Oct 2018


DePaul University, in collaboration with The Learning Partnership, Loyola University of Chicago, Chicago Public Schools (CPS), and the University of Illinois at Chicago, proposes a researcher practitioner partnership - CAFECS


Oct 2017


Chicago Public Schools (CPS), through its CS4All initiative, has led the nation in K-12 Computer Science (CS) education, and has recently made CS a high school graduation requirement, starting with the 2020 graduating class.


Jun 2017

Accelerate ECS4All

DePaul University, in partnership with Loyola University Chicago, the University of Illinois Chicago and the Chicago Public School District (CPS), proposes a project -- Accelerate ECS4ALL.


Oct 2015