Track2: CS10K: Accelerate ECS4ALL

(Accelerate ECS4All)

October 2015


Lucia Dettori

DePaul University

Ronald Greenberg

Loyola University Chicago

Dale F. Reed

University of Illinois Chicago

Don Yanek

Chicago Public Schools

Alan Mather

Chicago Public Schools

Brenda Wilkerson

Chicago Public Schools

DePaul University, in partnership with Loyola University Chicago, the University of Illinois Chicago and the Chicago Public School District (CPS), proposes a project — Accelerate ECS4ALL — that will create a robust peer-coaching model to support the growing number of novice Exploring Computer Science (ECS) teachers in Chicago and across the country. Over the last few years, under the Taste of Computing project and CPS’ CS4All initiative, over 100 teachers have participated in the ECS Professional Development, over 60% of CPS high schools are now offering the ECS curriculum, and approximately 7,000 students are taking the course each year. Of these students, 43% are female, 41% African American, and 43% Hispanic, significantly increasing exposure to CS among traditionally underrepresented populations. Peer coaching is needed now to sustain these successes, ensuring that novice teachers are able to fully embrace the guided-inquiry, equitable pedagogical approach of ECS and live it in their classrooms.

A Coach in Development Program will be developed and 15-20 experienced ECS teachers will participate in the program before being deployed as peer coaches in CPS high schools. They will, for example, observe classrooms through visits and video recordings, and work with teachers on reflecting, planning, goal-framing, and analysis of student work. The project will also support recruiting efforts targeted at teachers and administrators to facilitate 100% enrollment of CPS schools in CS4ALL.

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Dettori, L., Greenberg, R., Reed, D. F., Yanek, D., Rasmussen, A., Wilkerson, B, & Mather, A. (2015). Track2: CS10K: Accelerate ECS4ALL [Grant].