Relevant research that both informs the work of CPS and contributes to the field of education research

Through collaborations between education researchers and practitioners, the Chicago Alliance for Equity in Computer Science (CAFÉCS) has produced relevant research that both informs the work of CPS and contributes to the field of education research related to theory of computer science education, student learning and effective partnerships. This section provides an archive of CAFÉCS publications.

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Celebration of the Success of the CPS Computer Science Graduation Requirement

The Chicago Public Schools leads the nation in computer science education. This event celebrates the success of the enactment of a computer science graduation requirement in rapidly broadening participation in CS and maintaining student success.


Aug 2022

Policy window in a pandemic: How a computer science rpp fostered equity in credit recovery in understanding and supporting district systems change around computer science education

In this study, we applied the Multiple Streams approach from theories of the policy process to explain how the COVID-19 pandemic helped open a policy window for the use of synchronous online instruction.


Apr 2021

A research-practice partnership problem-solving cycle in understanding and supporting collaborative research: Frameworks and measures to support learning for research and practice [symposium]

This paper describes a problem-solving cycle that CAFÉCS education researchers, university professors, and educators developed to systematically and collaboratively conduct and use research to inform practice.


Apr 2021

The Impact of CS for All on College Placement in Computer Science

With the CS for All movement increasingly gaining traction nationally, students entering colleges and universities are arriving with deeper and broader CS experiences. This in turn can change students' higher education starting point.


Feb 2020

Exercises Integrating High School Mathematics with Robot Motion Planning

This Innovative Practice Work in Progress presents progress in developing exercises for high school students incorporating level-appropriate mathematics into robotics activities.


Oct 2019

Research methods for reaching urban students from groups underrepresented in STEM disciplines

In Todd Ruecker and Vanessa Svihla, editors, Navigating Challenges in Qualitative Educational Research: Research, Interrupted, chapter 3, pages 26–38. Routledge, 1st edition, 2019.


Jun 2019

Using research-practice partnerships to improve practice in Chicago Public School

This paper reports initial findings from this evaluation, focusing on the second and third dimensions: (1) conducting rigorous research to inform action and (2) supporting the partner organization to achieve its goals.


May 2019


Apr 2019