Relevant research that both informs the work of CPS and contributes to the field of education research

Through collaborations between education researchers and practitioners, the Chicago Alliance for Equity in Computer Science (CAFÉCS) has produced relevant research that both informs the work of CPS and contributes to the field of education research related to theory of computer science education, student learning and effective partnerships. This section provides an archive of CAFÉCS publications.

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Computer science teachers as change agents for broadening participation: Exploring perceptions of equity

In this paper, the authors share findings from a qualitative analysis of computer science teachers' perspectives about equity within the context of an equity-focused professional development program.


Apr 2021

Does a Computer Science Graduation Requirement Contribute to Increased Enrollment in Advanced Computer Science Coursework?

Prior research has shown that students pursuing Exploring Computer Science (ECS) as their first elective course were more likely to pursue another computer science course in high school.


Mar 2020

Research methods for reaching urban students from groups underrepresented in STEM disciplines

In Todd Ruecker and Vanessa Svihla, editors, Navigating Challenges in Qualitative Educational Research: Research, Interrupted, chapter 3, pages 26–38. Routledge, 1st edition, 2019.


Jun 2019

CAFÉCS computer science teaching assistant program.

2019 STEM for All Video Showcase


May 2019

An examination of the correlation of Exploring Computer Science course performance and the development of programming expertise

This study investigated patterns in the development of computational thinking and programming expertise in the context of the Exploring Computer Science (ECS) program, a high school introductory CS course and professional development program.


Mar 2019

RPPs: Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em?

In this experience paper we describe what we have learned about the field’s interests with respect to adopting RPP approaches to the work.


Feb 2019

This is What Diversity Looks Like: Making CS Curriculum Culturally Relevant for Spanish-speaking Communities

Exploring Computer Science (ECS) [1] spawned from the need to provide access to Computer Science to everyone in the US.


Feb 2019

Standardizing Facilitator Development for Exploring Computer Science Professional Development

A key strategy for broadening CS participation in the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) has been the enactment of a high school CS graduation requirement.


Feb 2019