Relevant research that both informs the work of CPS and contributes to the field of education research

Through collaborations between education researchers and practitioners, the Chicago Alliance for Equity in Computer Science (CAFÉCS) has produced relevant research that both informs the work of CPS and contributes to the field of education research related to theory of computer science education, student learning and effective partnerships. This section provides an archive of CAFÉCS publications.

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Impact of the CPS Computer Science Graduation Policy on Student Access and Outcomes

The Chicago Public Schools leads the nation in computer science education. This report evaluates the impact of CPS's landmark decision to make computer science a graduation requirement.


Dec 2022

Assessing computational thinking: an overview of the field

The last decade has seen rapid growth in the presence of computational thinking (CT) in educational contexts. Those working to advance CT argue that the concepts and skills associated with CT are essential to succeed in an increasingly computational


May 2021

Entrepreneurship, federalism, and Chicago: Setting the computer science agenda at the local and national levels

This AERA paper provides a preliminary report on how local and national policy entrepreneurs created an environment that was favorable to the landmark decision by the Chicago Public Schools to enact a computer science graduation requirement.


Jun 2020

Research-practice partnerships with Chicago Public Schools

Educational organizations and research institutions need to interrogate historically inequitable and unjust distributions of power and resources in research and the impact those disparities have on our youth and our society.


Apr 2020

Research, relationships, and reflection: How three research-practice partnerships support practitioners’ use of research evidence.

A primary goal of RPPs is to impact decision making in education through the use of research evidence.


Mar 2020

Using research-practice partnerships to improve practice in Chicago Public School

This paper reports initial findings from this evaluation, focusing on the second and third dimensions: (1) conducting rigorous research to inform action and (2) supporting the partner organization to achieve its goals.


May 2019

Chicago Alliance For Equity in Computer Science (CAFECS): Cycles of improvement” poster in Special Session: A discussion of research practice partnerships in CS education

CAFÉCS builds upon a long-term partnership between Chicago Public Schools (CPS), The Learning Partnership, Depaul University, Loyola University, and the University of Illinois Chicago.


Mar 2019

RPPs: Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em?

In this experience paper we describe what we have learned about the field’s interests with respect to adopting RPP approaches to the work.


Feb 2019