Relevant research that both informs the work of CPS and contributes to the field of education research

Through collaborations between education researchers and practitioners, the Chicago Alliance for Equity in Computer Science (CAFÉCS) has produced relevant research that both informs the work of CPS and contributes to the field of education research related to theory of computer science education, student learning and effective partnerships. This section provides an archive of CAFÉCS publications.

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Exercises Integrating High School Mathematics with Robot Motion Planning

This Innovative Practice Work in Progress presents progress in developing exercises for high school students incorporating level-appropriate mathematics into robotics activities.


Oct 2019

Mathematics and programming exercises for educational robot navigation

This paper points students towards ideas they can use towards developing a convenient library for robot navigation, with examples based on Botball primitives, and points educators towards mathematics and programming exercises.

    Article, Conference

Jul 2019

Integrating mathematics and educational robotics: Simple motion planning

This paper shows how students can be guided to integrate elementary mathematical analyses with motion planning for typical educational robots.


Apr 2019

Motion Planning for Simple Two-Wheeled Robots

This paper considers various simple ways of navigating in a 2-dimensional territory with a two-wheeled robot of a type typical in educational robotics. We determine shortest paths under various modes of operation and compare.


Jul 2017

Pythagorean approximations for LEGO: Merging educational robot construction with programming and data analysis

This paper can be used in two ways. It can provide reference information for incorporating diagonal elements (for bracing or gear meshing) in educational robots built from standard LEGO kits.


Apr 2017

Pythagorean Combinations for LEGO Robot Building

This paper provides tips for LEGO robot construction involving bracing or gear meshing along a diagonal using standard Botball kits.


Jul 2016