Relevant research that contributes to the field of education research

Through collaborations between education researchers and practitioners, the Chicago Alliance for Equity in Computer Science (CAFÉCS) has produced relevant research that both informs the work of CPS and contributes to the field of education research related to theory of computer science education, student learning and effective partnerships. This section provides an archive of CAFÉCS publications.

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How Exploring Computer Science (ECS) came to Chicago

Early in 2011, we sat glumly around a table in Chicago, pondering our second NSF grant proposal rejection. We were working to enhance computer science (CS) education in Chicago Public Schools (CPS).


Sep 2015

The Impact of Meaningful High School Computer Science Experiences in the Chicago Public Schools

We report on initial outcomes of the Taste of Computing project, under which a meaningful computer science course has been initiated in many high schools of the Chicago Public Schools system.


Aug 2015

Tools for Outreach Presentations

We present resources we have constructed and culled from the internet that can be used in computing outreach visits in K–12 classrooms, especially high schools.


Jul 2015


Feb 2015

One-Day Activities for K-12 Face-to-Face Outreach

The recent successes of Computer Science Education Week and's Hour of Code have meant that more K-12 students than ever are being given an authentic, engaging and eye-opening exposure to the wonders of computer science.


Feb 2015

Evaluation of the IMPACTS Computer Science Presentations

Recent computer science enrollments have shown positive trends. However, these trends are not evenly distributed by gender and race.


Jul 2013

Hands-on creation of android apps for novices using app inventor

This hands-on workshop will show you how you can easily program your own Android Apps.


Sep 2012

Replicating `Exploring Computer Science’ (ECS)

Exploring Computer Science (ECS) is engaging, hands-on high school curriculum and associated professional development that is being implemented at a systemic level in the Los Angeles Unified School District and is now being replicated in CPS


Mar 2012