Internet of things (IoT) Micro:bits

May 2018


Dr. Dale F. Reed

University of Illinois Chicago

Valerie Curry

Lane Tech HS

You may have heard of Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices becoming common in our homes, cars, at work, and in public spaces. Come experience a hands-on session playing with an IoT device called a Micro:bit. Half the size of a credit card and costing approx $15, it includes light, motion, and temperature sensors as well as buttons, and has LEDs and other options for output. It is trivially easy to get started with it, and it is extensible to do complex tasks. It includes a radio transmitter and receiver, so Micro:bits can interact with each other. Micro:bits were designed by the BBC and distributed broadly in schools in the UK. Bring a laptop. Wifi will be available and Micro:bits will be loaned to participants.

Suggested Citation

Dale Reed and Valerie Curry. Internet of things (IoT) Micro:bits. In Tech & Learning Live @ Chicago, May 2018.