Policy window in a pandemic: How a computer science rpp fostered equity in credit recovery in understanding and supporting district systems change around computer science education

April 2021


Mark Johnson

The Learning Partnership

John Wachen

The Learning Partnership

Steven McGee

The Learning Partnership

The Chicago Alliance for Equity in Computer Science is a research-practice partnership that is working to broaden the participation of Chicago Public Schools’ students in computer science. For this study, we applied the multiple streams approach from theories of the policy process (Kingdon, 1995; Zahariadis, 2014) to explain how the COVID-19 pandemic helped open a policy window for the continued use of synchronous online instruction during the implementation of an equity-centered computer science credit recovery option in Chicago.

Suggested Citation

Johnson, M., Wachen, J., & McGee, S. (2021). Policy window in a pandemic: How a computer science RPP fostered equity in credit recovery. A paper presented at the 2021 American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting. https://doi.org/10.51420/conf.2021.1