Research-practice partnerships with Chicago Public Schools

April 2020


Amy Pratt

Northwestern University

Kelly Ann Hallberg

UChicago UrbanLabs

Molly F. Gordon

University of Chicago

Diane Franklin

University of Chicago

Anne Farrell

University of Chicago

John Q. Easton

University of Chicago

Sarah Dickson

Chicago Public Schools

Monica Bhatt

UChicago Urban Labs

Carmelo Barbaro

UChicago Urban Labs

Paula Arce-Trigatti

Rice University

Dr. Andrew Rasmussen

Chicago Public Schools

Steven McGee

The Learning Partnership

Stacy B. Ehrlich

University of Chicago

Erin Henrick

Partner to Improve

Educational organizations and research institutions need to interrogate historically inequitable and unjust distributions of power and resources in research and the impact those disparities have on our youth and our society. As our district and partnering research institutions actively and intentionally consider the perspectives of the communities at the heart of the research, the resultant research will better serve the educational good. Research-practice partners hips offer an opportunity to examine the myriad ways to address and mitigate some of those inequities. Our session describes nine projects’ equity-centered problem of practice, partnership framework, a summary of results, and will include a narrative of stakeholder power and participation and reflection on how lessons learned create opportunities for the future.

Suggested Citation

Paula Arce-Trigatti, Carmelo Barbaro, Monica Bhatt, Sarah Dickson, John Q. Easton, Stacy B. Ehrlich, Anne Farrell, Diane Franklin, Molly F. Gordon, Kelly Ann Hallberg, Erin Henrick, Steven McGee, Amy Pratt, and Andy Rasmussen. Research-practice partnerships with Chicago Public Schools. In American Educational Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting, April 2020. Conference canceled.