Social Justice and Equity in CS Education: Inaugural Launch of AP Computer Science Principles

March 2017


Lien Diaz

College Board

Frances P. Trees

Rutgers University

Dale F. Reed

University of Illinois at Chicago

Rich Kick

Newbury Park High School

Andrew Kuemmel

Madison West High School

The inaugural launch of the College Board’s Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles (AP CSP) course coincided within the same year of the announcement of CS For All, a bold national initiative that seeks to support the expansion of computer science education in America, and to empower students to learn computer science and obtain the computational thinking skills needed to thrive in today’s transforming digital world. The intent of the AP CSP course supports this initiative as it aims to promote social justice and equity in computer science education. The course is designed to be appealing to a broader audience, including females and minority students, who are underrepresented in computer science, thus providing increased access and opportunity for students to study computer science at the secondary level.

Suggested Citation

Lien Diaz, Frances P. Trees, Dale Reed, Richard Kick, and Andrew Kuemmel. Social justice and equity in CS education: Inaugural launch of AP Computer Science Principles. In Proceedings of the 48th SIGCSE Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education, pages 653–4. Association for Computing Machinery, March 2017. Seattle, WA.