Using research-practice partnerships to improve practice in Chicago Public School

May 2019


Erin Henrick

Partner to Improve

Steven McGee

The Learning Partnership

Lucia Dettori

DePaul University

Andrew Rasmussen

Chicago Public Schools

Ronald I. Greenberg

Loyola University Chicago

Dale F. Reed

University of Illinois Chicago

Research Practice Partnerships (RPPs), particularly in the field of Computer Science Education, are a relatively recent development as a potential strategy to address complex education challenges. Currently, there is limited research focused on evaluating RPP effectiveness. Using the RPP effectiveness framework developed by Henrick, Cobb, Penuel, Jackson & Clark, this paper describes the formative evaluation methods used to assess the effectiveness of the first year of the National Science Foundation-funded RPP, Chicago Alliance for Equity in Computer Science (CAFECS). This paper reports initial findings from this evaluation, focusing on the second and third dimensions: (1) conducting rigorous research to inform action and (2) supporting the partner organization to achieve its goals.

Suggested Citation

Erin Henrick, Steven McGee, Lucia Dettori, Andrew Rasmussen, Ronald I. Greenberg, and Dale F. Reed. Using research-practice partnerships to improve practice in Chicago Public Schools. In Presentation at 2019 Research, Policy and Practice (R2P) Conference, May 2019. Philadelphia, PA.